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Welcome! My screen handle is Phoenix, because like the Phoenix of old, it seems I periodically rise from the ashes of my life to be reborn in another incarnation. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, it is the symbol I have chosen because I believe it is possible to rise like the Phoenix above every situation in life and out of every experience to find a richer and greater life.

Message of Love from the Phoenix

There are times in all of our lives that we have lost everything that is meaningful to us. Some have lost relationships, had to find the strength to start over in their careers, lost children and have been totally disillusioned without always knowing why. We oftentimes are consumed by our grief and not until much later do we realize that, like the phoenix, we have somehow risen from the ashes of what once was and have found the courage to begin again.

I, myself, have faced adversity like so many others and have somehow, through universal love, overcome my own disillusionment. This is something that I could not have done on my own and have to thank the universe for so many rebirths and the knowledge of what it was all about in my life. The challenge would seem to be renewing our faith somehow when the spirit has been crushed. We are all doing everything perfectly right at the perfect time. This is soul growth that we can't seem to control. The universe has other plans. The question we might ask ourselves, do we choose aliveness or deadness as we go through our process?

It is my hope that, all who happen upon this site, by chance or otherwise, come away with a better understanding about the power of the universe that lies within all of us. We are all searching for our own meaning and power outside of ourselves. I ask you, look within, it was there for you the whole time.

Thank-you for being part of my universal love. I am Phoenix, I have chosen this name because of the impact rebirth has had on my life. I wish you all the love in the world and send it to your for your many rebirths. It's the beauty in us all that rises again and again from the ashes.

Love and Light, Phoenix

Click to enlarge image; click button on lower right of image to enlarge again to full size It was more than 7 months ago that I wrote that. I wanted to talk about my ideas for my web site, my thoughts on astrology. A lot has happened since then. Indeed, a lot has happened since I first conceived this idea of the Gateway to Atlantis, at the time that Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in 22 Taurus, on May 28, 2000. You may have heard something about it, how all the planets were amassing in one section of the zodiac, and that scientists as well as astrologers were predicting some awesome calamity to befall the world. Well, no calamity befell the world, but I wonder how many of you had personal calamities befall you? Did you lose a loved one? Break up with a spouse? Incur a financial setback? Or more positively, did you fall in love? Get married? Find a new job?

Think back on this past year. You see, a conjunction of planets (two planets at or near the same point in the zodiac) sometimes occurs synchronistically with important events in your life, particularly if the conjunction occurs near an important angle or planets in your natal birthchart. But for most a conjunction, particularly of the major planets, is a transitional point in your life in which a new cycle of experience begins. If you look closely, you may notice that some of what happened during that period was related in some way to closure of the previous 20 years of your life. This is because when two planets begin a new cycle, the cycle begins in the midst of the culmination of a previous cycle and is thus born of the events which marked it. In other ways, you will find changes occurred, and new people and circumstances entered your life. Out of the past, a new future emerges, even as the Phoenix arises from the ashes of death to be reborn.

This fall (2003), in a strange synchronicity, I chanced upon this book while browsing in a Border's bookstore. It intrigued me that it had the same name as I had chosen for this website, and it was copyrighted in the same year that I started this website, 2000, the year of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. If you're interested in the story of Atlantis, then I recommend this book to you for an update on some of the latest ideas behind this land of myth and legend.

From the Publisher
For two millennia the fate of Atlantis has fascinated philosophers, classicists, and explorers. They have debated its reality, they have consigned it to mythology, they have searched in vain for the kingdom behind the legend. Historian Andrew Collins has done more. In addition to meticulously examining centuries of literature on Atlantis, he has traveled oceans gathering evidence to support his conclusion that not only did Atlantis exist but remnants of the ancient empire survive today.

Collins's quest for Atlantis begins with a trail of clues left by Plato, and his journey takes him far beyond Crete and the Mediterranean, where scholars in recent times have placed the island kingdom. Collins finds signposts among the mummies in Egypt, in the wreckage of Roman vessels off the coasts of South and Central America, and in the African features of great stone heads in Mexico. His final destination has roused controversy among the experts, but he may indeed have found the land that history lost.

Fast Forward - 8 years later

It's hard to believe that more than 11 years have passed since the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the turn of the 21st century. When I started this website and penned those first few paragraphs About Me I had no idea of the journey I was about to partake. I only knew that I had this overwhelming inner conviction that a brand new 20 year journey was about to start with that first conjunction in the 21st century marking a new decade and a new century. The seeds that were planted at that time would grow to become the experiences shaping our own personal evolution and that of our psyches, and what I chose to plant were archetypal seeds resonating with our deepest unconsciousness, the world of the collective unconscous about which Carl Jung, the swiss psychiatrist and founder of the psychoanalytical school of European psychiatry, wrote so much. And now the cycle has run half of its course. Jupiter and Saturn reached oppositions between May 2010 and March of 2011, at first with Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo, and later Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Libra.

In November of 2000, some months after the conjunction in May, I wrote in my journal:

This has been the most incredible journey of my entire life. As though living in a mythical adventure as exciting as the journeys of Odysses, Theseus, or any of the other Greek Heroes, I have lived my life in the past week as though in a fantasy. Like a Greek tragedy, or comedy, depending on your viewpoint, I have allowed myself to completely pursue a dream, a vision, a mythical journey. Complete with consultations with oracles, card readings, dreams, an astrological map of my life, and all the intrigue and characters of ancient myth, I cast all caution to the wind, simply suspended my life for a week, and followed my intuition and my beliefs. I immersed myself in the mandala of my soul, bombarded my psyche with images from the unconscious, and completely surrendered myself to the dreams they invoked. Fearlessly, and scared to hell, I hurled myself into the abyss. I had to know.

And now here I am, consorting with gods, divining the future, rescuing my princess? Struggling free, like Odyssus on the island of Circe, from the complacencies of my life, trying to awaken to my true destiny, and one true love who awaits my return. Fighting my way past everyday events which are clothed in the complete psychological drama of my struggle to find myself.

Did somebody say projection? Projection is Jung's movie projector of the soul. It is the part of our psyche that holds the conscious contents of our ego in focus, like a movie projector focusing images on a screen. It's the part of us that organizes the events, and characters of our life into a meaningful, and secure environment. It's the job that I go to, the wife that I come home to, the square dance club we belong to. It is all those things that hold our fragile world together, aagainst the bombardments of the outer world which threaten to tear us apart.

In a mythical journey, someone changes the roll of film on the projector. All of a sudden, all of the events and characters take on new meaning. It is as though the whole viewpoint has been shifted, and instead of veiwing the outer events as they take place ordinarily in life, you are suddenly in tune with the underlying currents of psychological drama which actually order events in our lives. Every day, we project the contents into our environment from our personal subconscious. They color the "real" or outside world with feelings and superimposed judgments about what is "really" happening. When a mythical projection occurs, instead of simply projecting repressed and unwanted contents of our lives, deeper elements of the unconscious join with these contents, and, if it can be successfully integrated, what can happen is truly an epiphany experience. A moment, when suddenly the ego consciousness merges with the timeless and universal principles upon which life floats like the auric egg in a sea of unknowingness, and one's life suddenly is seen as incarnating some universal story of life.

The 20 year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn from conjunction to conjunction was called the Cycle of Kings by the Arabian astrologers near the end of the 1st millenium, around 900 A.D., The Arabs, and many astrologers, held that it was the primary cycle of the mundane collective, the people and its government, which was back then, of course, kings. 20 years is considered the length of time it takes for a generation to come of age, so it very intimately represents the collective cycle of growth, maturation and flowering that marks each new generation and moves the previous generation forward with its own peculiar imprint and foundation provided by its experience of its own, and sometimes others', culture. It is a cycle most importantly of evolution, ever building upon the foundation established before with the knowledge gained from previous experience.

Astrologer Richard Nolle described this astrological pattern in an article on his website published April 26, 1998:

Jupiter's alignment with Saturn occurs at intervals of just under 20 years. The aspect is occasionally repeated due to a retrograde of one or both planets. Each successive conjunction (not counting retrograde repeats) occurs at a mean advance of approximately 243 degrees relative to its predecessor (or backwords in the zodiac by 120 degrees or a trine); although from one alignment to the next this arc can vary considerably. Every third conjunction - once every 60 years - brings the alignment back to its starting place, plus around 9 degrees: this 60 year cycle is termed the first order recurrence of the conjunction. Every 40th conjunction - roughly once every 800 years - brings the alignment back to within about 1 degree of its starting place: this approximate 800 year cycle is termed the second order recurrence, astrologically known as the Great Mutation cycle.

Jupiter and Saturn were the outermost known planets in ancient times, and were called the "Great Chronocrators" by astrologers of old. For millennia, the alignment of these two planets has been regarded as a significator of great social, economic and political watersheds - historic turning points, if you will.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur in signs of the same element for a mean period of a bit less than 200 years at a stretch, typically with some overlap at the beginning and end of the cycle. For example, the current cycle of conjunctions in the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) was initiated on January 26, 1842 and concludes on May 28, 2000. This cycle was interrupted by the December 31, 1980 - July 24, 1981 triple conjunction in Libra. (For more on the current earth sign series, see The White House, the Great Chronocrator & Tecumseh's Curse.) The previous Great Chronocrator cycle in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) began with the 1663 alignment and ended with the one in 1821; having been interrupted by the 1802 conjunction in Virgo. (Exactly where to divide these series by element is a bit of a judgment call. I have chosen to consider a series in one particular element to begin with the first of three consecutive conjunctions in that element – not counting triple conjunctions that occur due to retrograde in the space of a year or so.)

The next cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be in signs of the air element (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). It begins with the December 21, 2020 alignment and concludes with the 2199 conjunction; broken up by the 2159 conjunction in Scorpio. Following that comes the series in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), from 2219 to 2378 (interrupted by the 2338 alignment in the fire sign Sagittarius). The change of element in a Great Chronocrator series is known as the Trigonalis, from ancient times considered as the hallmark of epochal social and political change. (On average, this occurs only once every couple hundred years or so.) From this perspective, it would seem that we are now living in the twilight of an historical epoch stretching from the 1840s to 2020.

Triple conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn are rare enough to be regarded as indicators of major cultural change, much like the Trigonalis. It was just such a triple conjunction in Pisces – anciently regarded as the sign of the Jews - that led the Magi to search for "The King of the Jews" in 7 BCE. (Magi translates as 'astrologers'.) There have been only two triple conjunctions in the current earth sign series, that being the 1940-41 and 1980-81 trios – the latter being the 'interruptor' alignment in Libra that broke the all-earth sign series begun in 1842. There won't be another triple conjunction until the 2238-39 series in Cancer.

copyright 1998-1999 by Richard Nolle

It seems I have spent my entire life in search of meaning, in search of God, in search of Truth. Many times I thought I had found it, only to be disillusioned once again. But every time it seems from somewhere I found the courage to pick up the pieces and begin again, not altogether rejecting what I had found before, but having recognized its limitations, building upon what was good and true to progress further. I remember one day in a bookstore browsing the metaphysical section as I was often wont to do. I was looking at all the various titles and authors who claimed they had found the Way, and I thought in despair, "All these different paths - how was one ever to discover the real path? It was like looking for a needle in a haystack!" But what I have finally discovered is that there is only one real and true path in life - Yours. Each and every individual has his own unique path and destiny to discover in life, and every individual has his own legacy to leave behind. Every life is a journey of discovery. It is my hope to share with you over the remaining years of this life's journey what I have discovered.

Born in the 1950's and growing up in the 1960's, one of my great mentors was Dr. Timothy Leary, the "LSD" guru of the 60's. Some years ago I happened upon a web site he had created to tell his story as he waited for the end of his life, dying from prostate cancer which metastasized into his bones. And now it seems I am truly following in his footsteps, as I, too, am approaching the end of my life with the same affliction. It is still in its early stages, and I expect that I have a number of years remaining, but it urges me on to the importance of sharing my journey with you. I have even thought of a title for my memoirs - The extraordinary life of an ordinary man. That's the way that I truly feel, for I am simply an ordinary man, living an ordinary life, working in an ordinary career, raising a family. And yet, as I look back on my life, I see that I have been blessed with a great many extraordinary experiences which have shaped my own philosophy and beliefs about life, about God, about eternity. I share these freely with you and hope that you will be able to enrich your own journey by some morsel of my experiences in this life.


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